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Documentation And Tips For Working With Your Lender

MAJOR TIP…supply ALL requested documentation as soon as your lender (or agent working on your behalf) requests it. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not do your part the short sale will never happen.

Here is a list of “typical” documentation that may be requested by your lender:

  • Letter of authorization for you agent – This allows your agent to communicate with the lender on your behalf.
  • Listing Agreement – I will provide this to you. It is the necessary paperwork needed to get your home listed.
  • Comparative Market Analysis – I will prepare this for your lender to justify the listing price
  • Purchase Contact – Our offer complete with all signatures and addendums
  • Financial Statement – They may also ask for bank statements, paystubs, tax returns and other financial documentation.
  • Hardship Letter – A short statement summarizing why you are needing to sell the home.
Every lender is unique and may ask for all of this…some of this…or MORE than this.