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Prior to writing an offer it is imperative that buyers and sellers understand the documents that will be part of the transaction.
The transaction can include any (sometimes even ALL) of these forms.

As an agent, I will help find a property, negotiate the terms and price, and generally advise my clients. What I CAN NOT do is evaluate the property condition and defects. What I CAN do is help them with doing the research necessary to make an informed decision by assisting with locating qualified professionals.

Especially beneficial to buyers is the Buyer’s Advisory. There are literally HUNDREDS of links folks may find of value to researching everything from water and well issues to crime statistics.

What clients REALLY need to understand is that I am here to help them anyway I possibly can…but ultimately, it is up to them to make sure they ask questions until they feel they truly understand everything they sign.

Arizona Buyer’s Advisory

Residential Purchase Contract

Counter Offer

Pre-Qualification Form

Loan Status Update (LSU)

As-Is Addendum

Short Sale Addendum to the Residential Purchase Contract

SPDS – Res. Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement

Res. Buyer’s Inspec. Notice and Seller’s Response

Market Condition Advisory

Lead-Based Hazards Disclosure (Sales)

HOA CondoPlanned Community Addendum

Buyer-Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement

Real Estate Agency Disclosure & Election

Affidavit of Disclosure Information

Buyer Contingency Addendum

Consent to Limited Representation Agreement 

Domestic Water Well/Water Use Addendum

Market Conditions Advisory

Multiple Counter Offer

Multiple Offer/Counter Offer

On-Site Wastewater Treatment Facility Addendum

Cure Period Notice