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You Only Turn FIFTY Once!!

Fifty sounds so OLD…but I understand it’s the new forty!  😉 And my niece told me, “You don’t seem fifty cause you are so immature”. That’s a backhanded compliment for sure!

I like to think I am a good friend to my “people”. A good wife, sister, daughter, aunt and in-law. But this birthday I have been truly blessed with an outpouring of love and friendship that I am unsure anyone is deserving of. No…really…

It’s been a week of celebrating. All my BFF’s and family showed up for a HUGE party on Saturday. Jan and Dan’s house is the bomb for a party. Gorgeous home in Litchfield Park…with a resort like backyard. Their home is always “show ready” as we Realtors say…but the place was really, really party ready due to all of their meticulous preparation. THANKS SO MUCH for opening your home for all of us to enjoy.  All my “peeps” brought food and sparkling personalities…as well as talent displayed beautifully in song (karaoke form).

OK…well some of the singing was a bit questionable…but Ken, the DJ, is the BEST! He kept the party going…and Linda makes awesome enchiladas!  What some people may have lacked in actual talent, they made up for in enthusiasm and willingness to try.  Polly, Stu and I did a corny little “skit” we had choreographed the night before…over a couple glasses of wine. Well…I thought we were FAB…and I think the crowd had sipped enough margaritas that they thought so too. Or they were too polite to heckle anyway!

To all who came in from out of town…Tisha, Stu and Yo, Polly and Steve and my folks…I appreciate it so much.

Tiffany…even while “creating life” (6+ months pregnant) took the time to make a custom book including pictures and special notes from many of my favorite people. Then everyone signed it at the party. It took a lot of time and is very cool.

My niece, Halley, took the time to work the “magic” and make me look as good as it gets…for me! She also did an awesome job at the music CD she created. Thanks H!

Marcia, thanks for all of the planning you put into a making this so special.

I can not thank everyone individually as this blog would be too long and then no one would read it…but suffice it to say a big THANKS to each of you for making my BIG-FIVE-OH a memorable occasion. I received some great gifts and am happy I accumulated enough Best Buy gift certificates to get the Netbook I have been wanting as well as getting a new Garmin and a Sony Reader…WOW! YEA!


Well…I know women are supposed to not tell their age…but I am spilling it! It’s the only way I can tell the story. I am without a doubt the luckiest person ever!

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