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What eXp Realty “Virtually” Taught Me This Year

Last year at this time I was sad. The “market” was really getting to me and my business had decreased dramatically. That is the truth. After twenty plus years of selling homes I was baffled. I knew I was NOT going to be one of the many “casualties”…agents who had to go get a “real job” and quit selling homes. I was just not sure how I was going to jump start my business.

There were of course options:

1. Work hard to get REO (bank owned) listings and “work for the devil” (as I see it)! This easier said and done and you can likely see I was not real excited about that option. There are many reasons I was not moved in that direction…but I will not go into that now.

2. Dump a lot of money into my own web site and try to get higher in searches resulting in more business. I was well aware of the importance of having a strong online presence. The problem I had with this option is that there are literally 100’s of people and companies out there that claim they can “get you found” on Google. But I was unsure who to trust. I did not have money (nor will I ever have) to just throw away for no return on investment.

3. Try to find a new company that would be a better fit for me and offered me more opportunity to grow my business.

I decided to concentrate on number three. In September of 2009 I started interviewing with companies all over the place. Big national firms…as well as upstart local companies. I either personally visited or did phone interviews with over fifteen different real estate firms. I could not even put my finger on why I was not happy with them…I just wasn’t.

Then I stumbled upon eXp Realty. I had never even heard of them…but I thought why not check it out? What have I got to lose?

Well…making the decision to move to eXp was the best professional decision I have ever made.

Why? I have a long list of whys…but here are my top few…

1. They are SMART. OK. How can a company be smart? Well…our CEO, Glenn, comes from a dot com background (prior to entering real estate) and he really understands what it takes to be found on the internet. He also understood that hiring super smart technology people to help run his company would make eXp an internet superstar.  Since 95% plus people start their search on the internet…this made total sense to me. After all…I found eXp on the internet!

2. eXp has taken the best of the traditional real estate business models and put it on steroids! Realtors are very social as a rule. With eXp’s virtual office concept agents all over the US can collaborate, share ideas and generally carry on business face to face…virtually. I have written a couple of blogs about how this works. You can check them out here and here. Here is what our virtual environment “looks” like. Here we are all live and in real time in eXp Virtual!

3. I have learned SO MUCH. I can find dozens of classes around the Valley each month to keep me educated and up to speed with real estate laws, issues and best practices. I can also find dozens of classes on social media…Facebook…Twitter…LinkedIn, Active Rain, SEO (search engine optimization)…and many other applications that could potentially help grow my business. What I COULD NOT find…is people who not only teach it…but mentor and SHOW ME how to do it and make it work for ME specifically…on an ongoing basis. I found this missing ingredient at eXp.

Here are some things I now understand…that I did NOT understand one year ago:

What a wiki is

What SEO means and how to get better ranking on Google

How to write good blogs and why I should be blogging

How to work on my own web site so I can change it whenever I need to…or how to teach someone to do that for me.

What Google Adwords are and why it is important

What kinds of social media I should spend time on and why

How to build a team WITHOUT paying huge franchise fees and overhead…and having others to help train and mentor them

How I can generate additional streams of income by offering other agents this opportunity

There is PLENTY of business to go around!

If you are an agent needing a change I hope you call me and let me invite you into our virtual space to meet with us and check us out!

As always… if you are looking for a GREAT agent to help with your real estate needs please e-mail me or give me a call (or text) at 602-504-3898 or 888-897-7821 x 114. Plus, I have a GREAT search tool on my web site that gives you the ability to search the entire MLS…just like agents do. Very COOL! ;) Go to Metro Phoenix Homes and check it out! YOU can create and save as many searches as you would like…and it is THE SAME SEARCH I DO AS AN AGENT! You will LOVE it!


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