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Get a Little WILD…and Dine at The Elephant Bar!

WOW…has the Elephant Bar changed over the years. The one I can remember back in the 70’s and 80’s…and maybe even into the 90’s…was located near what was then Christown Mall…(now Christown Spectrum Mall). Christown was one of my favorite places to hang out…and grabbing lunch at the Elephant Bar was always part of the experience. As was Charley’s House of Fun, Broadway’s make-up counter and Millers Outpost. Sometimes we would take in a movie…of course you had to go upstairs via escalator back in the day!

Well…that building is now a JB’s Restaurant and the Elephant Bars have headed out to greener pastures I suppose. There is one in Scottsdale, one in Peoria and one in Chandler. I recently met a fellow Realtor/friend, Ann, at the Arrowhead location, in Peoria.


The atmosphere is as you would guess…animal themed…but not over the top. It is actually very tasteful. Unfortunately, when we were there they had a fan over the grill go out and the place filled up with a hazy smoke…but it cleared up eventually. The restaurant business is full of surprises I suppose!

The service was fine and the food was pretty good as well. I would not say the BEST of either I have ever had…but it was noon straight up and they were busy. Their menu is as big as a small novel…and it is difficult to decide what to order. I saw many people ordering the Crispy Orange Chicken and it looked good.

As it seems often happens…we both ordered soup and salad. I had the tomato bisque…and it was creamy and filling. Ann opted for the French onion soup…you can not really go wrong with that! We both opted for their organic greens salad with gorgonzola and balsamic dressing. Now THAT was really good!

IMG_2015 IMG_2014

I see these pictures do NOT do the salad justice…but truly…it was amazing!

If I was not working…I would have been tempted by this…read what is in it…YUM!

IMG_2013 IMG_2012

Since I could not go for that…we did decide to try their “mini” desserts. I will say that they are rather LARGE considering the $2.95 price tag!

Ann had the fried wonton sundae…which she said was really good…


I tried the brownie with vanilla ice cream. It was fine…but I am not a whipped cream fan and it had a lot of that…


The Elephant Bar really has grown up…but I still miss the good ol’ days of shopping and lunch at Christown Mall…  🙂

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