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Girl’s Lunch at T.Cooks…Yummy!

I love going out to lunch with the girls.  🙂 Today I went with my Broker/friend, Suzanne and a Realtor-friend-soon-to-be eXp agent, Kim, to T.Cooks. This is a really special place located in the long time Valley favorite Royal Palms Resort on Camelback Road.

The majestic setting of the mountains and palm trees is truly inspiring. And the Chef’s at T.Cooks must really be inspired…as the food was wonderful.

They start you with a plate of crusty bread and their homemade Pesto. We all “claimed” to be cutting back on bread…but no one could resist. It was SO GOOD. I was not quick enough to take a picture of this!  🙂

Suzanne opted for the special trout dish…and she raved about it…it looks good…


Kim always orders a salad…but this one was more than she could handle. A HUGE fresh Cobb salad. I think she might have been drawn to is as the place smelled like bacon when we walked in. Who does not LOVE the smell of bacon!?


She ended up sending a doggie bag home with Suzanne for “Willard”…Suzanne’s dog. (Personally…I thought it was too good for a doggie…but whatever…and YES…I have and love dogs…but this was PEOPLE leftovers)!  😉

I opted for the lobster bisque and the grilled iceberg lettuce, blue cheese salad. It was really good and the presentation was beautiful.


If you have not visited this special place you need to do so. Just go walk through and take in the beauty. They offer intimate private dining as well for special occasions.


The Resort has been around for so long it has obtained this special designation.


I also want to mention the service. We had been seated, served drinks, and asked the waiter for a few minutes to look over the menu. After a short time we were ready to order. Suzanne motioned to a gentleman (turns out he was the manager) to please let our server know we were ready. The server came over, took our order, refilled our drinks and in my opinion it was all good. Well, while we were waiting for our food the manager came back by our table and said he was taking care of our bill as we had to wait for service and in his opinion the food was slow in coming out. This was unexpected…and appreciated…for sure. THANKS! (Suzanne…Kim and I will be happy to take you up on your offer of another visit someday)!  😉

If you would like more information on the resort check out their web site here. And make sure to dine at T.Cooks…you won’t be sorry!

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