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Flying Horse…and a Concerned Community.

This was one for the books…in the middle of the desert surrounding the Phoenix Metro Area, a horse (named Colorado) was stranded on a sandbar because our desert is flooded. Yes…really! We have had A LOT of rain so far this year…but that is another story.

I was going to write a recap of the story ..but our local news channels have done such a great job covering this story that I will just ask you to go here Horse Rescued  and take a look at the video.

I am not more fond of this news organization than others…but they have a lot of great content about this unique rescue.

I am proud of the “anonymous” donor who paid for the rescue of Colorado. Who ever you are…YOU ROCK! I do not have horses…but I would do whatever was within my power to save my dogs. People love their animals. And I think we as a community had a unique experience watching the awesome rescue of this well loved horse. It also renews our faith in humanity that a stranger (I am assuming it was a stranger) would step up and help in this situation. People are basically GOOD. I believe that.

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