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Clients, Dogs and Lockboxes!

DCP04383 Clients…my recent ones have been as great as I have ever had…and I have had many great ones! Dogs…one of my clients, here from out of town, fosters Dalmatians. I have a Dalmatian mix that is part of the family…so that was fun to talk about. (here is a picture of Andy sleeping with my niece!)  Lockboxes…why do some agents make it so hard to get into show their listings???

I have been out with a few different clients showing homes over the last several days. It has almost become comical. I have had REALLY BAD lockbox mojo.

Well…really it is not bad mojo. Sometimes, it is noted in MLS that there is indeed a  lockbox on the home…and there is none at all. Or there is a “contractor’s box” which requires a combination to gain access. Why is this an issue?? I NEED A CODE! 🙂 I see the “agent notes” to text or e-mail for the code. I do. Mostly I get a reply…but often I do not. Or they call me hours or even days later. So I can not show the home. I have found this scenario is typically only specific to lender owned , or REO, listings.

OK. I understand that it has become an issue for some agents because their fellow agents just give their clients the code so they can look at the house without the agent being there. I know… this is wrong. Wrong in a number of ways. So…what is the solution? I propose our “industry standard”. Electronic lockboxes.

I do not normally list REO properties. So I am not familiar with all of  the contracts the listing agents agree to with their clients, the banks. Maybe the banks are insisting that they install the combo boxes rather than our more secure SUPRA lockboxes. I do not know why they would do that…but maybe.

I just had a situation with an REO agent that went like this. The agent showing instructions indicted the home had a combination lockbox available and provided the access code. When I met my client at the property there was no lockbox. I called the listing agent and was informed that the lockbox had been replaced a number of times as “agents keep stealing them”. Well, I had to suggest that they install an electronic box as it seemed like such an obvious solution to me! I was told that they have over 100 listings and that would be expensive. It seems to me that it would be a business expense that would be well worth it. (plus…if they have 100+ listings they should be able to afford the more secure lockboxes one would think)

I guess what I am saying is that when I am taking my clients time…and mine…to show homes…it would be nice to easily gain access.

Anyway…I have been lucky to have clients that are understanding. I am blessed!  🙂


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