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A Wedding to Remember!

Ok…truth is I do not get really excited about weddings. Mainly because I have been in too many to count…and most of the “icky” bridesmaids dresses have turned into Halloween costumes. Having said that…we recently attended an AWESOME wedding.

It was held at the Raven Golf Course which was a wonderful setting. At sunset. With the most pleasant Arizona weather ever for the month of March. It was a PERFECT setting. I have been an honorary member of the groom’s family for a LONG time…like 25+ years! (I remember him when he was speaking two word sentences only!)

The ceremony was on the golf course. Green grass and a pond (or a water hazard I believe it is referred to by golfers). There were mallards flying in to the pond and a gentle breeze. Where else in the United States can you get married outdoors…at sunset…the first weekend of March without freezing?


The wedding party entered down the middle isle as is traditional and the ceremony began. This is usually when I begin to wonder will this be “inspirational”…or  maybe just a sort of  a “yawn”?

Pastor Don did an AMAZING job (as usual) of personalizing the ceremony with humor and sincerity. But here is the reason I am writing this….

Two really funny things.

1. When Pastor Don asked the bride, “do you take Josh to be your lawfully wedded husband”…the D.J. played the JEOPARDY “thinking of the final answer” theme song while she “thought” about it! So cute and so funny!

2. Josh is a hunter. He took his wife-to-be Brittany on a deer hunt…bow hunting no less. (It is my understanding that his longtime hunting buddies were not really thrilled about this)  Well…she got a deer. That in itself is impressive…but wait! By the activity of the deer, it stirred up some javelina (wild pigs in Arizona). Well…our girl decided to bag that too! The final count? 

GIRL: TWO (in full makeup and sparkling earrings)  


I am not sure who thought of the finale of the wedding…I am guessing either Pastor Don or Brittany. But at the end Pastor Don pulled out an official  “tag” (Arizona Department of Game and Fish requirement). It was placed on Josh’s back and he was proclaimed “bagged and tagged!!!” The crowd ROARED! It was very humorous. The happily married couple exited the ceremony with him carrying her off in the sunset. Super romantic…


We proceeded to a cocktail and appetizer hour and then to a magical dinner in a white tent. It was truly as great as I am making it sound.

I will skip over the cake and the toasts…(although the best man and the maid-of-honor both did an amazing job)…and I will end with this.

Many happy years will be in the future of these exceptional young people. I am glad to be a part of the family. And thanks for including us in your special day.

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  1. Anonymous March 9, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    Thank you Adele,
    What a great commentary.
    The love of family and friends made this incredible occasion so memorable.We were deleted you and Billy came and helped make it special.
    With love, Patrick and Dawn

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