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Why make it HARD to Show a Home????

Well….the simple answer is “I DON”T KNOW WHY”. Sellers in today’s market should be as  flexible as possible when an agent wants to preview or show their home.

I have had a very frustrating experience regarding one particular home. Yesterday was the THIRD day I have tried to get into an owner occupied home to show it to my clients. First…there was a family get together. Next, the home was not ready to show due to cleaning up after the family get together. Then…neither the seller or the agent  returned my call.

This home is priced in the 350K range. There are not an abundance of buyers out there buying homes over $300,000…and my clients are 20% down conventional buyers with 750 credit scores!!!

I can not imagine what kind of listing agent would not prepare their client to be accommodating to showings. Not to mention not even calling me back when I try to get in touch with them about gaining access. Is this serving the client? Does the seller even want to sell???

I feel sad. Sad because I can not show a home that seems perfect for my clients. Sad because if the sellers really do want to sell they were not educated about what it will take to get an offer. Sad because I feel like calling the agents Broker to complain and I really dislike doing that.

I suppose the bottom line is this…I will go out today and find them another home! But it feels good to vent!!!

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