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Amusement Parks Around the Valley

We have lots of options for entertainment here in the Metro Phoenix Area. Here are some suggestions to “amuse” you and your family.

1. Castles and Coaster—I love the old fashioned carousel at this park. They also have roller coasters, water rides and miniature golf…as well as a FULL OUT arcade. The Sky Diver is the official scream machine, and the newest ride at Castles ~n~ Coaster. Check them out here.

( Photograph of girls screaming on the Sky Diver ride! )

2. Crackerjax—The newest coolest thing here is the Bungy Dome. Flip and fly to new heights. I also like the bumper boat lagoon. Located in Scottsdale…you will not be surprised they also have a little something for Dad…an impressive driving range. Get more info here.

range photo

3. Fiddlesticks Fun Park—The go-karts are fun here…because the “big kids” can race like Indy 500…and the younger racers can enjoy the “rookie” track. They also have two miniature golf courses…and…a driving range for Dad (and Mom). Check them out here.

4. JAMBO Indoor Amusement Park—-This might be a good choice for the little thrill seekers. Try Monkey Mayhem and the Jet Abouts for some super excitement! They have a great site and Jambo means "Hello" in Swahil! Get more info on the two locations here.


So…being bored is NOT an option when you live here in the Valley of the Sun!

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