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Education is KEY to Being A GREAT Agent

When I was growing up my Mom used to say “you can never be too rich or too thin”. a Realtor…I think the saying should be “you can never be too educated”!

Staying in the know in this ever changing market is key if you want to be successful and do the very best job possible for your clients. Yesterday I attended an annual event called Industry Partners Conference. It is traditionally one of the best events for education held all year.

Participants are from the real estate community in general and include real estate agents, attorneys, escrow officers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders and appraisers. This year we had an added benefit of having folks from the FBI, IRS and HUD lead sessions and give us insight into their jobs as relating to the current real estate market.

Mr. J. Carrieres, Special Agent HUD Office of Inspector General, had some VERY interesting facts of real life cases he shared with us.

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Good to know they are actively going after the BAD GUYS who are taking advantage of the market and duping people into believing things that are JUST NOT TRUE!

He was one of just a couple of “formal” presenters. For the most part the format was open for participants to simply move from table to table every 50 minutes to take part in any of the discussions that were of interest to them.


What kind of topics were covered? Well…the ever popular short sale and REO issues of course. Additionally, cancellation disputes,unlicensed assistants,social media, E & O deductible dangers and flipping financing issues.

The first session I participated in was lead by Jay Thompson. He is a Social Media/Blogging guru and we talked about some very important and thought provoking issues. Like…how much is TOO MUCH to share. About you AND your listings?

The FBI agent shared stories of arresting people who are “stripping” their home after the foreclosure. Meaning…taking the AC units, kitchen cabinets and other things considered “fixtures”. These Bozos were not too bright to begin with as they were found by the FBI agents answering a Craigslist ad reading “The Bank Screwed Me…Now I am Screwing Them…Kitchen Cabinets…Cheap” Not really hard to find and arrest them!

At lunch we were treated to some comic relief. Agent Laura Wheeler did a stand up routine that was great. She touched on the woes of today’s market while making fun of it!


This event would not have been possible without the generosity of the sponsors. Some of my favorite peeps were there sponsoring…like Dawn and Danielle with Great American Title.


And…I would be remiss to not mention Old Republic Title with their SWEETS! (Sugar kept us all awake through the afternoon “sleepiness”)!


One of the BEST things I came away with was reassurance that the FBI, IRS and HUD are all working with local law enforcement and have organized a task force…and…they are taking people DOWN! I am SICK AND TIRED of folks being taken advantage of by fast talking criminals with ill intentions “helping” people with loan modifications and other schemes. They contend that these companies (and even attorneys in some cases) can do no more for the homeowner than they can do for themselves.

Having said that…I still think that the BANKS are the biggest criminals out there…but no one mentioned going after THEM!

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