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WHoooooHoooooo! Another RE Bar Camp!!

IT’S COMING!!! Another RE Bar Camp.

I will not go into the reason it is called RE Bar Camp…but just know this is a really exciting day for all those in the real estate industry…and also a really unconventional way to learn. A LOT. In ONE day!

This is a sharing, teaching, learning, socializing, free-form day of classes. Which by the way…is comprised of unknown specific subjects!

What? One may ask? How can a full day of learning NOT be “planned”. Easy. These super-brain-social-media folks have perfected the process.

When the literally HUNDREDS of folks arrive the morning of the event they check in and see a large white board divided into rows and columns. Each row is assigned a time. Each column is assigned a room. Anyone can be a presenter and everyone is a collaborator.

So…folks just take the initiative to write the subject they want to share on the board in one of the spaces. Maybe you know a lot about making Flip Videos…lead a session. Are you a TWITTER MASTER? Share what you are doing. Do you know something about making Facebook fan pages successful? PLEASE…do tell! How about blogs? Have you figured out a way to get your blog out there resulting in additional business? We want to know what you are doing.

I take many classes. I like to learn. But…I can say without a doubt that I picked up more useful tips at last years RE BarCamp than I would have thought possible.

So..a BIG thanks to all of the organizers and sponsors for rockin’ it again in 2010. I, for one, can not wait! And if you are IN ANY WAY involved with real estate…BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! (Ok that was corny)…but really…sign up today!

Go here and sign up NOW. As of this writing there are only 269 seats left.

Oh…did I mention it’s FREE?

One Response to WHoooooHoooooo! Another RE Bar Camp!!

  1. Joey Sampaga March 2, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

    I went to the one last year and it was AWESOME! When I got there, I did not know what to expect. I was just hoping to learn a couple things. Well, I learned a lot more than that. I was even volunteered to teach a couple of Video “VIRAL” Marketing Sessions!

    The cool thing about this venue is that they don’t really have an agenda. People host a room and start sharing. It’s a very unique way to share and learn!

    I would highly recommend this to anyone in the housing industry!

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