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eXp Virtual…is COOL!

Have you ever had the need to conduct a meeting but found it really hard to get all the folks to one place at one time? I think this is a common issue for many businesses. Well…the company I work with now, eXp Realty has found the solution. This progressive company has embraced a platform called eXp Virtual.

teleplaceNot only is this “green”…but very techie cool as well! Yesterday for example, I took a couple of classes “live”…meaning there were others online in eXp Virtual at the same time I was and we were all interacting (verbally and visually). They taught an interesting class on our CRM (client retention management) system. The participants in the “room” were physically in Washington, Arizona, Arkansas…and who knows where else.

Later in the day I went to the “archives” and viewed a session on Facebook Fan Pages. This was at one time a “live” session…but they record almost all of their classes so agents can get the benefit of learning on their own time. Are you a night owl? No problem! Take a class or watch a session at 2AM! An early riser? How about jumping into your day with a “Twitter” class?

I have been trying to get all of my online marketing efforts more focused and concise…since 1998! Well…eXp has some of the brightest IT guys I have ever met. They ROCK…and they all SPEAK ENGLISH.  ;)  I can not say enough good things about them. They are willing to help me find a way to STOP just spending money on a web site that gets me nowhere. And they will help me figure out how to give my blogs more “google-juice” helping me to get more referrals from my blogging efforts.

I love real estate and have loved it for almost 20 years…but I will admit I was getting burned out. Not anymore! Since moving my license to eXp Realty I have found a renewed excitement. I have always loved technology as well…so this “marries” two of my passions. I look forward to continuing to help folks buy and sell homes as I have done for years…but now I look forward to expanding my education efforts beyond sitting in a class in a “brick and mortar” building!

Oh…and I almost forgot the other “best thing”. REFERRALS! Because the company has some of the brightest techie people working for them…they get TONS of company generated leads. Truly, I have received about one per day since I started working there. Since I only started there a month or so ago I have not had the opportunity to actually close on any of the leads yet…but I will! Of course some of the leads will go nowhere…but most of them provide accurate contact information and are “real” potential clients looking for homes. How cool is THAT!?

eXp Realty has an aggressive growth plan to be in all 50 states in the near future…and they are on track with this goal. Are you an agent looking for a change? Give me a call and I’ll invite you to my virtual office to talk about the eXp opportunity.



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