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I HAVE TO Write This Post About Avatar…With No Apologies…

Avater…yes…the movie. I already eluded to the fact that I did not care for the movie in a prior post (or maybe on Facebook)…but until recently I could not put my finger on exactly why.

It was clear to me it was a bad choice of movie picks (I just went as it was my Hubby’s turn to choose). I do not like war movies…or fantasy…or sci-fi. But I have never left a theater with such a feeling of unrest. At first I thought it was just due to the annoying wearing of the 3-D glasses for almost three hours.  ;)  But no.

I was offended. Even knowing that..I had a hard time realizing why. But then it finally dawned on me why I felt that way. My family has close ties to the United States Military. Most recently my niece and her husband served in Iraq. I am proud of them…and all of the folks that are so committed that they will risk their life for us…ALL Americans.

The movie made me mad. It seemed to paint the proud members of the United States Marine Corps as a group of renegade war mongers. OK. Maybe I am reading too much into the story…but I don’t think so. It is very subtlety inserted as part of the story line…but clearly it leaves the impression that the United States Military does not have a care for anything or anyone.

Let me tell you something. They DO CARE…about YOU! Do you get out of bed and risk your life on a daily basis? I don’t. But they DO. They walk into situations that are enough to make most of us shudder. But they do it anyway.

My nephew was involved with missions in Iraq that most of us will never hear about as it is not the kind of thing you will see on network news. Like making sure none of our troops get blown to bits by a road side bomb. Did you worry about stuff like that when you got up this morning. No. Because we live in a free, SAFE (for the most part) country. Mostly free because brave men and women choose to stand up and do their best to keep us free.

I understand if you loved the movie. I will admit there were parts of the 3-D effects that I was impressed with. I just hope that the underlying message that I see as undermining our Military does not seep into the minds of the millions of kids that see that movie. We will need some of them to still believe in America enough to want to “protect and serve” our great country when they grow up.

OK…BLAST AWAY! I know many of you (many of whom are my good friends) will take offense to this. Please feel free to comment. Oh…by the way…you CAN do this BECAUSE we live in a FREE COUNTRY…where such a thing as an opinion is ALLOWED. I for one welcome the right to be different and STILL be friends!

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