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Get Out There And See Phoenix

Recently I spoke to a long time resident of Phoenix and we started talking about all the “things” to do in the Phoenix area…and she had not seen or done ANY of them…Sad…I thought!

So that prompted me to write a little blog about my favorite things to do in the Phoenix area.

1. It is an annual tradition for us to go to the  in the spring…dressed in our “garb”! It is a very fun day of browsing the shops and watching really funny performers…and of course…tasting great food like turkey legs and steak-on-a-stick.

2. . This is also an annual tradition for us. We go early and claim a spot along the side of Central Avenue and play games and cook hot dogs and chili while waiting for the parade to begin. It is WAY bigger than it was years ago…which is both good and bad…but we have a great time at his event every year.

3. The. Ok..I admit it…I lived here for many years before I visited this awesome place…but now I am hooked. It is inexpensive and impressive. You can go for hours and get inspired by the huge variety of art you will find there. They also bring in limited time exhibits so there is always something new to see. If you go…DON’T MISS the firefly exhibit…very cool!

4. . OK…I am not really the “hiking” type…but if you take a drive to the end of Central Avenue and keep going up the hill you will see some of the most incredible views the Valley has to offer. Take a picnic lunch and a blanket and spend a little bit of time just taking it all in.

Of course…there are the Zoos…Botanical Gardens…and many other museums and theaters that make Phoenix an AWESOME place to live…and play!

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