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PLEASE…Do Not Start PUSHING Christmas ALREADY!!!

REALLY? Christmas in September??? I typically have the local news on in the morning. Not the BIG National news…just the local talking heads.

I could not believe my eyes when I heard a jolly “HO HO HO” coming from the TV. WHAT? I ran to check my calendar…and sure enough it is mid September! No…not even close to Halloween! But sure enough they were talking Christmas at the Phoenix Zoo. IT’S STILL OVER 100 DEGREES HERE! Santa has to be sweating his jolly belly off!

Remember back in the day when the Christmas season started the day after Thanksgiving? It was something we looked forward to as kids. The day that you might start hearing Christmas carols and stores started decorating with holly, trees and wreaths. We were anxiously awaiting the BIG JC Penneys catalogue so we could circle items and turn down corners to give HINTS about what we wanted Santa to bring us?

Sadly…I think those days are long gone. The “Season” has for the most part lost it’s meaning and is literally SHOVED down out throats.

OK…I know they are working on what is a tradition at the Phoenix Zoo…called Zoo Lights. Whatever…it is still WAY too early to even think about Christmas.

I miss the feeling I had when I was young. The excitement…the anticipation…the getting to stay up really late and go to midnight mass. Now I am just sad about the commercial way the ‘”season” it pushed on us. I for one will be complaining to store managers if I see ANY hint of Christmas prior to at least Halloween….and I think that is generous!

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