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What Were YOU doing on 9/11?

September 11, 2001. I am sure you remember where you were. I am sure you remember what you were doing. I know I do.

We always remember where we were when Elvis died…(if you are that age)…or more recently maybe when you heard about Michael Jackson’s death?

What I  really hope we all remember is where we were…and more importantly HOW WE FELT as our Country was attacked on September 11th.

I know I do. I was sleeping when my husband came in and shook me awake and said “Babe…you have got to get up and see this”. My first reaction was…what could possibly be important enough to get me up?? Well it was certainly important enough.

It was a coincidence that my husband had just has surgery and was off work for a couple of weeks…so he was home with me. I needed him.

I called my parents…as I knew they did not typically watch TV in the morning…and asked them to turn on their TV and witness the horror. I called my brother and did the same. Looking back I wonder why I wanted them to see it. Would it have been easier to HEAR about and not witness LIVE as we were able to do that day? I think not. Hear it or see it…it was a horror. hind site…I can say we both went directly for our comfort zones. Mine…FOOD…his…smoking. I went to FRY’S and bought everything I could think of to make what I considered comfort food. Soup….was my first thought. That will make it all better. What a joke. Going out into the REAL WORLD was an awakening. The cashiers at FRY’S were huddled around a TV watching in stunned silence along with customers.

The world had gone silent. No planes makes a HUGE difference in the noise level in a metro area like Phoenix.

After being glued to the TV for a couple of days we decided to go to our other HAPPY PLACE. Page, AZ. This is where our very good friends live and where we have had MANY great times on beautiful Lake Powell.

We used a removable paint and drew a FLAG with the words “God Bless America” on the rear window of our car and headed north for the 4 hour drive. We had folks honk their horns and wave at us and give us thumbs up the entire way up there. We commented how it made us feel. We are all Americans…and all felt the same pain.

Do you remember how you felt and where you were. Please bring those feeling back in your heart. Please say a prayer for our GREAT country that we remain the “Land of the FREE…and the Home of the Brave”. I think we will need the bravery to keep us free.

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