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Do Some Agents Just Have Too Many Listings?

As a real estate agent…one would think there is no such thing as too many listings. The fact is though that there is such a problem.

In the past MANY years I have occasionally had an issue with communicating with the listing agent…but those were few and far between. Today I have this issue almost daily.

Typically I do not have to contact the listing agent unless it is to let them know I am sending over an offer. Lately I have had other issues I need to communicate and frequently I call or e-mail and DO NOT GET ANY REPLY!


Many times I see in Realtor remarks sections of the listing “we do not accept phone calls and can only be reached by e-mail”. Well…when I am in the driveway with my out-of-town buyers who are on a tight schedule…and there is no key in the lockbox for us to gain entry to show the home…I want to TALK to someone about it!!!!

My biggest gripe though? The agent who has MANY offers on their REO listings and NEVER communicates the status to the buyer’s agents. We wait and call and check MLS status. Is it too much to ask for a courtesy call saying they have accepted another offer. Or even a “canned” e-mail to the agents who had offers that were not accepted? I hear complaints that they get too many phone calls and can’t get back to everyone…WELL COMMUNICATE WITH US! If they let us know the status we would not have to call!!!

Although there are REO agents doing a GREAT job (and I look for their listings to show)…many REO agents have WAY more listings than they can service. I applaud them as I know it is hard to manage dozens if not hundreds of listings. I only wish they would gear up and hire the support staff necessary to do the job in a professional manner. Showing a home listed by an agent who never even responded to your last offer on another one of their listings???? it’s hard to do! Sadly…THEY DON’T REALLY CARE as the home will sell anyway and they will get paid.

Sad…isn’t it?


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