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Try This Downtown Phoenix Icon for a GREAT Meal…

Yes…I know…I post a lot about food. But dang…there are many really good place to eat in the Phoenix area.

One of the oldest and most well known is a staple of the Central Phoenix area called Durants. They have been serving up great homemade food since at least the 50’s. I really do not know when they opened…but I do know they have not changed the decor since then. Still sporting vintage RED FLOCKED WALL PAPER. No REALLY.

Typically you enter from the back and walk right through the kitchen where the first rate staff is used to working around the foot traffic. The ambiance is also vintage. Light, bright and open were not terms used when designing this place. More like what I would think of as a supper club atmosphere. I will say I enjoy going there even more since Phoenix implemented a no smoking rule in public places as this was the HOT SPOT for the martini and cigar crowd for many years. The movers and shakers of Phoenix still can be found regularly conducting business over a cocktail or two…but no heavy smoke permeating the building!

Durants is open for lunch and has a wide variety of choices…but the dinner experience is something. Starting out with a old time starter…a relish tray. I think they want you to have something to nibble on while perusing the menu.

Looking for old fashioned meatloaf? They have it. How about liver and onions? They have it…although I would not dream of ordering it! My hubby loves the steaks…but MUST have the sautéed mushrooms as a topper. He says they are unsurpassed. Personally I recommend the fried shrimp. OMG! There are six of them and they are ENORMOUS.  As a matter of fact we were invited by a good friend to dinner there last Saturday for a celebration…and I took four of the shrimp home in a go box. After the relish tray, the salad and the AWESOME bread…I only had room for two of the shrimp.

The thing I love most about this place though is that they do NOT rush you in and out. They take reservations for any size party and allow time for a relaxed meal. I like to have a pause between my salad and entree. In most chain places I barely get started on the salad and the main course is shoved in front of me.

Admittedly, they are on the pricier side…but if you have never had the DURANTS experience I highly recommend you plan to go there for a special occasion. You will be reminded of what great service was like back in the day!

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