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A New Company…A New World and an Avatar!

WOW…I am  REALLY on a steep learning curve with a GREAT company!

I recently made a HUGE change by moving my real estate license to a  firm that is very new to Arizona. After much due diligence and prayer I left my last company where I have been selling real estate for over 17 years and made the move. The company is called eXp Realty, LLC.

They are a TRULY progressive, technically forward, green company. What is so different? Well…for one they have a virtual office in TELESPACE. It is SO COOL. I can go there any time of the day or night and take classes, get questions answered and generally network and learn with other eXp agents from many states around the country. It is very common for the President and CEO to be available to help with questions as well as having access to some truly “BIG BRAIN” IT folks. Since they are as technically forward as they are…they can help with a wide variety of technical issues.

The first time my husband saw me working while in the virtual world he said, “You gave up FARMVILLE for your New Years resolution…now what game are you playing?” I explained to him that this was my new office and I am in a class….in real time…participating via a microphone and speakers. Everyone is an Avatar. Now…don’t get the wrong idea. I saw the movie. We are not 12’ tall alien looking beings swinging from cliffs and climbing trees! Just simple shapes with your own face! Kinda funny at first but I got used to it real quick.

I have learned many things in just a short week. Like what a wiki is. And what a really good CRM (contact retention management) system can look like. What a productive lead program with really good SEO on the back end looks like. What does mindmap mean? I know…do you?

I LOVE learning and even though I am very comfortable with helping clients in any environment, I appreciate  that there are many “kids” (anyone under 30 in my world!) who are poised to be homebuyers. They want an agent who not only knows real estate…but knows technology. I want to be their agent and be on the BLEEDING edge of all the technology that will help make the process more pleasant and streamlined for all of us! Additionally, the 40 and over crowd is becoming more and more technically progressive. These are the folks I have been selling homes to for years and am glad to be able to offer them a more streamlined service as well.

At eXp they believe that “Collaboration is the hallmark of progress”. Cool…right?


2 Responses to A New Company…A New World and an Avatar!

  1. Joey Sampaga January 26, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    Love the blog. That is pretty much how we run our Mortgage Company. Everything is web based and bleeding edge technology. I believe that a lot of industries are going to move in this direction, because it is much more efficient and of course green. Thank you Adele for sharing! Take Care & God Bless!

  2. brianculhane January 27, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

    Great Post. So personal and so funny!

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