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I Love Sunday in Football Season!

I do love Sunday…for a number of reasons…

First, I often am out showing homes and this always makes me happy. Second, if I am NOT out working…I get to catch up on a lot of trivial tasks either around the house or in my office as I am a football widow!’s true…my husband gets a glazed over look that not even a naked Supermodel could get past when there is a professional football game on TV. (well that may be overstating…but you get the idea!)

So…having said that…I officially changed companies last week after 17+ years at my last company. Can I tell you this? There are a TON of changes that need to be made when you change offices if you are a real estate agent! I have been discovering these sneaky “must do’s” all day long.

The challenge is this. Seventeen years ago there really were really not many sites on the internet. But as the internet exploded I did my best to set up MANY real estate related accounts. And what do they all want in order to make a change??? YOU GUESSED IT!! PASSWORDS! Holy cow…when I set up many of these I was not aware that keeping track of passwords was VERY IMPORTANT.

Since, I have developed a system (at least 10 years ago) where I manage my passwords. BUT…when I Google myself and find myself listed all over the place…well…some of these sites I have no recollection of at all. But there I am! With my old company’s logo!  AGHHHHHHhhh!!

An additional challenge is that if I can get into the site…where do I actually change my company affiliation? (like Active Rain…all my agent friends should be able to help me with this one!) I am sure it is very easy….but it’s only easy if you know where to look!!!

Ironically, the company I chose to go to is eXp Realty. They are on the cutting edge of technology which was the main reason I made the move. I love technology. Which would indicate that I should be able to navigate through this task right? Well…not so much!

So…I decided to take a break from the madness and write a blog about it! Talk about procrastination!

Anyway…if anyone has anything to offer to help me with the madness…SPEAK UP!

And to all of you who are football fans…we here in Arizona are sad the Cardinals did not pull it off yesterday. (see even if I really do not really care…I listened to the hollering in the family room so I can can pretend to care!  😉


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