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This was a Real Estate FIRST for Me!!!

A stripper pole. REALLY? Yep…right there in the family room. Yes…the FAMILY ROOM.

At first I thought it was like a fireman’s pole between floors…but no…it was securely attached to the floor and ceiling. And of course most of the walls were mirrored.

Now don’t get me wrong…I am all for healthy, happy relationships…and I have seen stripper poles in master bedrooms before. (yes…really..I have) But in the family room? Not in my 20 years of selling homes have I encountered this!

Additionally…this was a house I was visiting as a potential listing! I had a hard time keeping a straight face while sitting in the FAMILY room talking about short selling the home. These folks are four months behind in their mortgage payments and are facing losing their home.

Typically sellers who are potentially loosing their homes are not real motivated to make changes and improvements to increase the chances of selling. Often they just plain can not afford it. However, I put on my “Big Girl” panties and tackled the pole issue straight out asking them if they planned to remove it prior to listing. Their response? Of course not…it will for sure help us sell more quickly. They REALLY believed this.

Maybe they run with a different crowd than I do…well…for sure I am betting they do…but I do not recall anyone EVER asking me to help them find a home with a stripper pole.

I do realize these poles are being used for exercise…among other things…but it is my professional opinion that this would not be considered an asset to the majority of homebuyers. Not to mention having to remove dozens of mirror tiles which I believe were attached with glue!!!

I KNOW!! Crazy huh!!??

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