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GREAT Info From eXp Realty and Stefan Swanepoel

I am sure many consumers do not know who Stefan Swanepoel is, but if you are a real estate professional there is a good chance you do!

I have been following his “TRENDS” for many years. And the man is a genius. He is a well known and well respected author, speaker and business advisor.

Today was a ground breaking event at eXp Realty. Stefan spent an hour in our virtual office going over some high points of his most recent TRENDS Report book. (available here and worth every penny)

What was especially exciting is his presentation was also made available to ANYONE via our livestream platform. We had folks from all over the US as well as Canada participate and ask questions. What an opportunity to get information from the MOST respected analysis in the industry.

This is an example of why I chose eXp Realty. I watched this presentation in the comfort of my home with my dogs laying on my feet under my desk. I did not have to dress “professionally”. I did not spend a dime on gas. I got into the presentation at the last minute and still had the best seat in the house. There are no bad seats in our virtual world!

stefan pic


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