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GERMS….and What Can we Do About Them??

STAY HOME! That is the be all end all solution as far as I can tell! I was in COSTCO this morning and there was a lady standing by one of the areas where they were sampling food. She was HACKING and sneezing and coughing like she was ready to take her last breath.

All of the shoppers (including me) were just looking at her with repulsed amazement. HELLO! Has she ever heard of H1N1? The nice lady who was handing out the samples was too polite to say anything…but it was obvious she was hoping the offensive woman would move on before she took the next batch of samples out of the oven. Finally, after realizing she was not going to budge without getting her “free” food…she pointedly moved the sneeze guard toward the woman and proceeded to serve the samples. And here is the best part…the rude woman scooted the sneeze guard over to reach in to get a sample with a USED TISSUE in her hand. YUCK!

If her goal was to scare off the rest of us  IT WORKED. It was actually kinda comical to see us all just look at each other and disperse. I hope the sample lady does not work on commission as she surely lost some potential customers at the moment!

So…what did the repulsive germ lady touch while she was in the store? Who knows…but for sure her cart. I typically forgo the complimentary germ wipes they offer in some stores to clean the grocery cart. NO MORE! After this morning I am putting some wipes in my already over-filled purse and will wipe EVERY cart.

Please…if you have a cold or the FLU…STAY HOME. Or if you have to go out PLEASE don’t hack and cough on the free samples in COSTCO!

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