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Paperless Real Estate Office IS Happening NOW

I admit it. I am NOT the most organized person with regard to paperwork. It’s not like I am not in control of it…but it is has been a challenge for me over my 20 years of selling real estate with the ever-increasing number of forms and disclosures required.


Enter…the paperless office. Not only is this THE BEST and most efficient way for me to manage my transactions…it is a HUGE benefit to my clients as well.

So far this year I have sold homes to folks from literally all over the world. From Denmark to Denver. In the old days this would have been much more challenging getting signatures on the dozens of forms it takes to put a deal together. Now…it’s a click here and a click there….and presto…my files are complete. MUCH better than the old-fashioned way of utilizing a fax machine. No more unreadable copies.

I have to thank the Arizona Association of Realtors for one piece of this. As a member, we are all subscribed to a service called Zipforms. This library of all of our preprinted forms is available to agents on their computer or online. I can fill in the forms without having to print anything.

The next piece of the puzzle is electronic signatures. There are many companies providing this service and it’s what really makes it easy for my clients. I simply indicate on the form where I need initials or signatures and send out an email with a link to the site. The clients then opens the document, acknowledges they are aware this is a legal , binding signature and clicks through to sign. When all necessary initials and signatures are in place, they simply indicate it is complete and it is sent back to me. SUPER SIMPLE!

The next step is to get it to my Broker. Enter eXp Realty’s paperless process. With just a few keystrokes I forward the documents to my Broker for review…and they are stored where I can access them at anytime.

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Of course, lenders loan documents are UNLIKE this. When you are purchasing a home…expect to sign a stack of papers an inch high…and I am not looking for that process to go paperless for quite sometime. But for now I am just grateful for how far the real estate side of a paperless transaction has come!

Are you looking to buy or sell a home? I can help you! Just give me a call at 602-504-3898.

Plus, I have a GREAT search tool on my web site that gives you the ability to search the entire MLS…just like agents do. Very COOL!  😉 Go to and check it out! If you save even one home as a favorite, you will be prompted to enter contact information. If you do this…YOU can create and save as many searches as you would like. It is THE BEST MOST ACCURATE SEARCH OF OUR LOCAL MLS!!


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