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In Phoenix, AZ…We Eat Tamales…CHOCOLATE ONES! :)

This is something we do every year for gifts….CHOCOLATE TAMALES.  And they are easy…AND I am giving away the recipe…TO YOU!  🙂

OK…Here is what you need:

For a single batch:

1 bag chocolate chips

1 bag butterscotch chips

1/2 jar dry roasted peanuts

Tamale corn husks

First…get the corn husks soaking as they have to be clean and soft enough to roll.

Next…melt the choclate and butterscotch chips in double broiler. Or…two sauce pans that fit into each other as I do…

Next add nuts if you want them. (Remember some people have allergies…so I typically make a batch without nuts as well)

Now…make sure you wash and rinse all of the corn husks. I have had ones that are very close to clean when I bought them and have taken little time…and ones that literally have had LOTS of ICK in them…and needed much time for cleaning. (The ones used in this post are from Safeway and came easy to clean).

If you have some help…it is easiest to have someone with paper towels getting all of the water off of them for you to get ready to “fill”.

Next…cover your work space with waxed paper. DO NOT TRY cling wrap or foil…trust me…use waxed paper!

OK…next you will need to individually spray each tamale corn husk with a short spurt of non-stick cooking spray. You spray…then fill one at a time….so again…a TEAM ROCKS for this project. (I use PAM…but I am sure other brands would do).

Next…just put a small amount of the yummy chocolate into the husk and fold (roll) over and place on platter.

OK…so you have them all made? GREAT. At this point I put them in the fridge to make sure they get very firm. If you live somewhere cold…maybe you could just put them outside?

From here it is all about your imagination. I make it easy as I do hundreds of them…so I just print small labels and use curling ribbon to “tag” each tamale.

At this point I often put 5-6 of them into mugs…or use baskets if I need a larger amount.

And that is IT folks!!! Easy…fun gift for the Christmas Season! Merry Christmas to all…  🙂

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