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The “O Event” From Old Republic in Scottsdale, AZ 2011

I go to MANY classes and industry functions. But this one was special.

It was touted as the O Event, Arizona is Rising, held at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts just a couple of days ago…and it was well worth the time.

They had an impressive line up of presenters including:

  • Dermot Buffini
  • Those Callaways
  • Steve Chader
  • John Foltz 
  • Courtney Klein Johnson 
  • Micheal Krein 
  • Michael Orr
  • Neil Thomson
All of these folks did a wonderful job and kept the attention of the crowd. As you can see…it was quite a crowd!

One of my favorite moments of the afternoon came from Courtney Klein Johnson…whom I was not at all familiar with prior to this event. I did a quick GOOGLE search and found she is quite a young woman. I found an interesting profile here. I am betting there are more accolades not mentioned in this post…but this, in itself, is quite impressive.

Why did I like her? Well…her topic was what agents need to know about working with Gen X and Y clients in the Phoenix, AZ real estate market. And she was SPOT ON.

Since I have started working with eXp Realty…I have learned many of the things she was touting…but I think a GREAT many agents out there still need to embrace what she was trying to convey.

Like…BLOG…these people read them. Like…be on Facebook and let people know something about YOU personally. Like…it’s OK to wear jeans and you do not need to drive a Mercedes. BE REAL. Oh…and DO NOT CALL…they text…and MAYBE e-mail! GREAT job Courtney!

Another interesting presentation came from a panel of folks representing the BIG FOUR…B of A, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo. They all seemed to have the same message. They are working harder and harder to streamline the short sale process and expect it to carry on for sometime in the future. It is the “new normal” of our market here in Phoenix, AZ.

And, of course, I must mention Mike Orr of the Cromford reports. I have seen many of his presentations and he does a GREAT JOB. He is a mathematician. It is hard to be interesting when you are spouting out numbers…but he manages to do it. AND…for the first time in a long time…HE HAD REALLY GOOD NEWS!  YIPEEEE!!! Even tho short sales are here to stay…our market is moving in a positive direction and prices seem to be stabilizing.

The rest of the presenters were amazing as well…and it was a very “worth it” afternoon. Closing was handled by the well respected and well known John Foltz. I think he has FORGOTTEN more about the Phoenix, AZ real estate market than most of us will ever know! Always a pleasure.

I must also mention the sponsors and vendors. Old Republic Title Agency did an EXCELLENT job with organizing and promoting this event. The vendors were varied and friendly…many handing out chocolate…which I particularly appreciated.

There was one especially unique vendor called Harvest to Home. I love the idea of providing organic vegetable and herb gardens…but I REALLY appreciated their salesman. He was SUPER at talking with the crowd and demonstrating the product. I want to recruit him to be a fellow agent at eXp Realty…in a few years of course….he is a little too young now!

Having said all that…I would REALLY encourage fellow agents to attend this event if they do a repeat next year…but sign up QUICK when you hear about it…as it will fill up FAST!

As always… if you are looking for a GREAT agent to help with your real estate needs please e-mail me at or give me a call (or text) at 602-504-3898 or 888-897-7821 x 114. Plus, I have a GREAT search tool on my web site that gives you the ability to search the entire MLS…just like agents do. Very COOL! ;) Go to Metro Phoenix Homes For Sale and check it out! YOU can create and save as many searches as you would like…and it is THE SAME SEARCH I DO AS AN AGENT! You will LOVE it!


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