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Tax for Tickets in Mesa, AZ…Really!

The City of Mesa has a brilliant program in place that offers everyone an opportunity to save on their visits to the Mesa Arts Center!

Look…we all have to shop…right? Groceries, gas, clothes and whatever. Well…in Mesa you can turn your receipts into what they call Mesa Bucks. According to their web site these “bucks” can be used for buy one get one free admission to select shows at Mesa Arts Center, as well as buy one get one free entry to Mesa Contemporary Arts, Arizona Museum of Natural History, and Arizona Museum for Youth. This season has an exciting new addition; Mesa Encore Theatre and other resident companies, like the East Valley Children’s Company, who perform at Mesa Arts Center will be accepting Mesa Bucks for their shows.

The way it works is simple too. Just save your receipts for purchases made in the City of Mesa and bring them to the Mesa Arts Center Box Office. The sales tax price will be matched in Mesa Bucks from $3 up to $200 per visit. And it the TOTAL sales tax that counts…not just the 1.75% that goes to the City.

If you were looking to make a BIG purchase such as a new car…this could translate into an opportunity to take the family to see some GREAT exhibits and performances at an affordable price.

I am unable to find where on their site they spell out which performances are eligible for this special offer…but they have some really cool stuff coming up. For the younger crowd…Hanson will be there on September 14th.

For the country music lover…Vince Gill performs on October 19th.

And my personal pick? Well it would have to be Menopause The Musical coming next February! If you have never seen it…GO SEE IT! Funny to men and women alike!

So…go shop in Mesa and take in show!

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