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No One Wants to Talk About It…But It Is A Real Threat!

I went to a class yesterday entitled “What Realtors Need To Know About Terrorism”. I left with a better understanding of how we as “regular folks” in the community can help law enforcement fight terrorist…both “homegrown” and abroad.

Arizona is on the cutting edge of the fight. Below is the Mission Statement and Vision Statement from the ACTIC (Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center) web site.


The mission of the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center is to protect the citizens and critical infrastructures of Arizona by enhancing and coordinating counter terrorism intelligence and other investigative support efforts among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.


To prevent terrorism and related crimes, thereby providing a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Arizona.

The instructor yesterday said real estate agents have played a part in providing bits of information that they piece together with other data in order to identify potential threats.

For example, a Realtor noticed a truck parked next door to one of his listing that had several people in the front seat…just sitting there. After placing his sign and lockbox on the home the people had not gotten out of the truck. He found that to be curious and called the police. They eventually identified this as a “drop house” and were able to arrest the men responsible.

They have identified 8 Signs of Terrorism. On their web site they have a very well done video explaining in depth what these steps are why they are all part of a larger picture.

1. Surveillance. The first phase of information gathering necessary for their plan.

2. Gathering Information. If your client is taking more pictures of the school next door than the house you are showing him…that is odd!

3. Testing Security. If it is secure area they will try to get by and see how hard …or easy…it is.

4. Finances. If they want their evil plan to work they have to have MONEY. Americans are giving. We were told yesterday that many acts of terrorism are funded through scams involving fake charities and fund raisers. Be aware…if your client has only cash to buy a property…I mean CASH in hundred dollar bills…that is worth reporting to law enforcement. THEY USE OUR MONEY TO ATTACK US HERE AND OVERSEAS! That is just WRONG!

5. Acquiring supplies and equipment. People need to pay attention when large purchases of things like acetone are made! We were told that most of the home improvement stores have a policy about how to watch for this.

6. People who do not belong or act suspicious.

7. Dry run rehearsal. Sometimes bad things are happening right before our eyes. PAY ATTENTION!

8. Getting into position…Deploying. This step can not ever happen if any of the above steps have not been completed.

I am fascinated and impressed by the way our Great State has taken a leadership position in the United States by bringing all law enforcement under one roof, thereby, being able to piece together a plan that may otherwise had not been identified.

All of us as everyday folks need to do our part by keeping our eyes open and MAKE THE CALL to law enforcement…even if it seems trivial. They may see it differently than we do as they have many facts we will never know about. You might provide a critical piece of a bigger puzzle allowing them to STOP the “bad guys”.

No matter where you live…the threat of terrorism is real. I am proud that our State has taken a proactive approach. Living in Arizona seems like vacation all the time…and I want us all to be safe.

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