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Feel Like an Old Fashioned Ice Cream or Soda?

My hubby and I recently had lunch at Mac Alpines Soda Fountain on 7th street. This fun soda shop/antique store has been there since 1928…who knew? Not me…first time there!

We went with friends/clients Glennis and Adele (YES, there is another Adele who spells her name like me!). Glennis bought a really sweet older home near that area and they have made it SO CUTE! You go girls! 🙂

This area is so very cool..and takes you back in time for sure. Not only does the “diner” take you back…but the homes in the area do as well. Are you looking for a home that is not in a “cookie cutter” neighborhood? Well…our Central Phoenix Area has very unique homes. Many of the neighborhoods have been designated as “Historic” and range in price from under $100,000 to over One Million Dollars.

I like the friendly feeling one gets when driving down a tree lined street. Most homes have huge front porches where you will find folks hanging out and sipping lemonade while shouting a friendly “hello” to neighbors who are out for a stroll with the kids and dogs.

Purchasing a home in the Central Corridor has many advantages…especially if you work downtown. The commute would be a breeze…and there are many cultural and sporting events to choose from as well. Additionally, we have a newer light rail transportation system that can make getting around a breeze.

Looking for something with a more urban feel? There are many lofts available as well in the Central area. And with our recent decline in prices…they can be very affordable.

Would you like more information on the Central Phoenix real estate market? Give me a call at 602-504-3898 or SEARCH ALL AVAILABLE HOMES JUST LIKE AGENTS DO AT


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