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WOW…Am I Glad I Am A Realtor and NOT Providing IT Support!

Well…today was my “I am going to work on my web site” day. Sounds simple enough. I just wanted to tweak a few things and make a couple of “minor” changes. Oh. Yea. SURE!!!

As a Realtor you know you are going to have certain challenges in the buying and selling process. But after almost 20 years I can usually see them coming and often solve the problem BEFORE it really becomes an issue. Not so in the IT world.

At eXp Realty we have guys (with respect to political correctness…they just happen to be male…but I am sure there are also skillful women out there) who support us as agents. The GREAT part for them, I think, is they get to work out of their home as we are a virtual company. The not so great part is that they have to deal with agents all over the United States who may or may not be technically inclined!

I feel I am somewhere in the middle as far as technology is concerned. I know just enough to be dangerous! But no matter how I screw thing up…the eXp “magic” people are gracious and patient in making it all OK.

My niece just got her license and started using eXp Virtual (our virtual office suite) today. She had a challenge with her audio. It was not a real simple fix…but Kirk made sure she was up an running and did so with a great attitude and tons of patience.

For me, I had a pretty tough go at trying to get “exactly” what I wanted for my site. And to be truthful…it is not “exactly” what I had in mind for my changes. BUT…I now understand the limitations of what is available WITHOUT hiring a web master to make it work. I don’t want to pay for that…truth be known. And really. What do my clients and potential clients really want? They want to search the MLS and hopefully read my rambling blogs! And they can easily do that with my current site. (

So…THANK YOU Gabe, Kirk and Eddi. I appreciate you!

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