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Katy…My Friend…My HERO!

I have a close friend who has been fighting AND winning her battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She is my hero.

She just completed her 26 weeks of chemo (that’s over 6 months if your math is bad) PRIOR to her scheduled mastectomy later this month…and she has not skipped a beat. She has not missed work…she has kept up with all of her volunteer activities….she never misses her support group…she always takes time to listen to me babble on about my issues (which are miniscule in comparison)…she lost her hair and it’s starting to come back now…and she was brave enough to post a picture of her bald self on her blog! She looks really cute actually! 🙂

She has approached this scary thing called cancer in an ATTACK mode not “feel sorry for me” like I think would be easy for a girl to do. She is willing to answer questions about what she is going through and explains everything very simply so all of us who love her have been informed about the process. Knowledge really is power.

Sure…she has had some “moments”…but they are rare and short lived. She walks her dog everyday…goes out with friends and has even fit in a couple of long weekends to visit friends and family outside of Arizona while working around her chemo schedule.

Going through the process with her so far has made me admire her even more than I already did. She Rocks! She is my hero.

We love you Katy and plan to have you hanging at our house watching silly girl movies for many years to come. We will always be here for you and look forward to  the “C” word becoming a distant memory.

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