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REO Listing Agent…I FINALLY Had A Good Experience!

I am sure it is hard working for the banks as their listing agent…(working for the devil some refer to it as). BUT…I do not think that gives you a license to NOT do your job well.

EVERYTHING is more difficult than it was a few years ago. Most of us (those that have managed to say in the business)…are working twice as hard for half of the money.

But I have been repeatedly pissed off (if you will excuse the term) about one thing or another ALMOST every time I have had to deal with a bank owned property when representing my buyer clients.

Here are  couple things that really irritate me and my clients:

NUMBER ONE: Inaccurate information in the MLS about the availability of the home. We have a special field in MLS to disclose if the property has offers in that are being considered.

This weekend I went to show homes to some folks who were visiting the area for a short while. They took the time to call their lender and get all of their ducks in a row to be ready to buy should they find a home that suited their needs. I, as any good agent would, called to arrange showings of several homes…and check to see if they were still available as noted in MLS.

There was one agent who not only would not return my call…but would not respond to texting or e-mails. Skeptically, I went ahead and showed my clients the home. Well…of course that was THE home for them…so we prepared and sent over an offer.

NOW that he got our offer, the agent replies that he has “a dozen or so” offers on the home and we should have presented our “highest and best” if we want to be considered.  I had a few well worded thoughts for him…thanked him for his time…and went out and did my job AGAIN and found my nice clients a home they were equally thrilled about.

BUT…it’s not like that’s OK. My clients and I would have done things differently had we know about the existence of offers. The listing agent simply did not care if he was wasting our time by not doing his job. After all, according to him he has “so many listings it is hard to keep track”. REALLY!!??

NUMBER TWO: Make sure utilities are on for buyer’s inspections…or at the very least make it known that the buyer’s will have to turn on the utilities themselves. I had an instance where my clients and I went to do the inspections and there was no power. AFTER I had called the listing agent to confirm when we were doing our inspections and being assured that the power would be on by then. AGAIN…a waste of time for me, my clients and this time the inspector as well.

Why am I writing this? Well…first…it feels good to get it out. And I am sure I have the support of  MANY of my fellow agents who would agree these are indeed two of the main issues when dealing with the banks.

BUT…why I am really writing this is to thanks a GREAT REO agent. Patty Borton. She was spectacular. She answered her phone and e-mails promptly. She followed up with us every step of the way. She made sure the home was well cared for during the escrow period. AND..she even had the AC turned on at a reasonable temperature for us!

HEADS UP to the many REO agents who are doing it NOT RIGHT. After this “crisis”‘ is over and you have no more REO listings…your fellow agents will remember how you performed and not be excited to work with you on any “regular” sales. Just know this…we have LONG memories!

As always… if you are looking for a GREAT agent to help with your real estate needs please e-mail me at or give me a call (or text) at 602-504-3898 or 888-897-7821 x 114. Plus, I have a GREAT search tool on my web site that gives you the ability to search the entire MLS…just like agents do. Very COOL! ;) Go to Metro Phoenix Homes and check it out! YOU can create and save as many searches as you would like…and it is THE SAME SEARCH I DO AS AN AGENT! You will LOVE it!


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