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How to Save Money on Your Power Bills in Phoenix

Would you like to give yourself a raise? Most people would! After all, employers are having a tough time keeping their head above water in this economy. They are spending thousands of dollars on energy savings to keep some of their profits from escaping. However, they are slow to increase salaries because of the limited revenue being made.
One of the ways to put money back in your budget is to pay close attention to how much energy is being used at home. Phoenix is a hot city, cooling your home in the summer is one of the most expensive services that you will have to pay, especially if you have a pool that requires daily maintence and cleaning. Those who live in apartments have the luxury of not paying for pool service costs but many apartment complexes have multiple pools which can increase power cost.
Here are 6 ways you can stay inside and save money on your power bills:
1. Have your units serviced. Some units on housing rooftops are very old and can become less powerful throughout the years. The last thing you want to do is have the system breakdown in the hottest days of summer. Also, you do not want to be told that your air conditioner has been running less than full efficiency. It will cost your pocketbook high dollar. Some apartments in Phoenix come with single air units instead of offering a central cooling system. Contact your landlord to ask for the air conditioners to be looked at by a technician. Regular checkups will keep the air conditioner running smoothly.
2. Audit your energy use. Keep track of wherever you are using energy will drastically affect your bill. Consider the number of lights that are left on. Use less wattage. If you need the aid of the porch light, perhaps you should set a timer for it to come home before you arrive. Or, carry a flashlight to the door. Look at the cracks between your doors and windows. Energy bills could be affected by level of air flowing in and out. Seal them with the proper weather stripping. Have the filters of your cooling system checked. Performing an at home energy audit can really save you money.
3. Monitor your thermostat. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the setting on your wall will affect your energy bill at the end of the month. Keep your thermostat as high during the summer as you can stand. Comfort is affordable, but it can be pricey. It is suggested to keep your temperature set at 78 when you are at home, and higher when you are away. A programmable thermostat will assist you more easily. Some think that setting the thermostat lower than normal will cool room faster. All it will do is cost you money. Know where your thermostat is set to make a difference in your energy bill.

4. Close it! There could be areas in your home that are left open, and your cool air is escaping. This is one of the ways for cool air to literally go through the roof. If your house or apartment has a fireplace, close the damper. If you one or more of your doors have a pet exit, cool air could be escaping there as well. Make sure that every window is closed and latched completely for an air tight seal. What about your doors? The kids tend to leave the doors open during the summer while coming in and out. Ask them to be sure to close them when coming back in from playing.
5. Turn off your lights. This one is simple; when you leave your home, just turn the lights off. Another good tip is to unplug any unnecessary items from your outlets, if not electricity is flowing through the cord from the outlet; it will help your power bill decrease in cost.

6. Use the shade effect. The sun outside your home during the day beams in heat through the windows. Plant bushes in different places around your home to block out the sun, for apartments, use the window seal and put a plant basket in it to create some shade. Of course, the landlord will limit what you can do. You will be surprised at the amount of heat that slips in through the windows. Cover windows with curtains, shades, blinds and draperies. Many would not think about the amount of heat that enters the home in this manner. However, you can keep save on your energy bill. Also, your thermostat will be activated by any heat that touches it. This includes heat from lamps, television, and appliances. You will be surprised at the energy savings.
By making sure that you find ways to save money on your cooling bill will probably help you increase your budget by hundreds of dollars throughout the year. Also , you may be able to save on taxes by some of the things you purchase that are rated green energy certified. Check with your accountant. Phoenix is one of the hottest places in the nation. You will have hot days year around more than most places. It will make a difference in your paycheck.

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