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To Stage or NOT to Stage?

Home staging…when I was growing up home staging likely meant that us kids had made a stage in the garage or basement and were putting on plays and shows for our parents (who were pretending to enjoy it)!

Today it is supposed to mean making a home show in the best light possible by tastefully furnishing and decorating the home. NOT just setting some cheap lawn furniture in the living room and dusty dried or fake flower arrangements around the house!

I REALLY wish I could put up the pictures that I took of the home I visited yesterday as an example of what not to do…but I would not want to publically humiliate the listing agent. This is a 400K plus home in a gated community. It would have shown very well without the pathetic attempt at staging.

If you want your home to show in the best light possible…go visit some new home subdivisions and mimic their example. They have paid professional decorators who typically do a great job.  Or…better yet hire a professional stager to help you. I know…many sellers (especially in today’s economic climate) can not afford to do either of these options. If that is the case I would elect to have the home completely vacant and spend your money on a professional who will clean and detail the home…and a landscape professional to make the curb appeal outstanding. If you are still living in the home GET RID OF THE CLUTTER! Pack unneeded items and stack neatly in the garage. Your moving anyway…start packing!!!

If you are a seller in this market you have mostly short sale and foreclosed homes to compete with…especially in the under 250K price range. Don’t just scatter some “furniture” around and think that will help get your home sold. CLEAN IT WELL and get rid of the smell! That will go along way with buyers in this market!

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