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What To Do With A Pool You No Longer Want

So…you bought your home in Sunny Arizona and thought you could not live without a pool…right? Then you discover that you seldom use it. Or the kids have grown and moved out and it gets little use. Or you have started a family and fear for the safety of your children. These questions often arise when the pool is in need of re-plastering as most folks do not want to spend several thousands of dollars on a pool they really wish they did not even have.

I have heard all of these stories over the time I have been selling homes in the Metro Phoenix area. And I have been asked what the options are. Well…they are pretty straight forward. Either re-plaster the most economical way you can and enjoy the ambiance. Or…get rid of it.

Option number two does have a cost associated with it…and it may be more than the re-plaster option. Why? Well…according to this information from the City of Phoenix you need permits to complete the task….and they dictate the process very specifically. It reads as follows:

Pool Demolition Standards

All required permits for a demolition of a pool, shall be properly obtained to complete work. Demolition work shall include properly terminating all pool equipment and mechanical systems, and their proper removal from the premises. A minimum of three, three foot by three foot holes strategically located for proper drainage shall be jack hammered into the bottom of the pool. After which, the pool will be filled with an approved material, including clean fill dirt for the top three feet, which shall be properly water settled during the backfill process. 

I have also seen some homes with a deck built over the pool…but I am not sure this is legal due to the drainage issues. One would have to check with their local officials to see if this is an option in their specific community.

HOWEVER…today…I saw a another option. NOT THAT I WOULD EVER CONDONE THIS…but I thought it very interesting and I have to share. This home is located in a older historic district…and I am confident this was done MANY, MANY years ago…and would be hard (if not impossible) to permit in today’s age…but innovative none the less.

They actually left the pool there…and built a very strange structure over the entire pool…leaving a weird underground room of sorts…with a built-up deck over part of it. Hard to imagine? Well…take a look…

I have never seen anything like this…and doubt I ever will again. You can see where the light was…where the filter was…and it even still has a deep end!

Ahh….the things you see out showing homes in the Valley of the Sun!

Lessons here too though…if you have a home with a pool consider all of the pros (value added on an appraisal when selling, potential added interested buyer’s looking for homes with pools, nice to jump into when it’s 100+ degrees) and cons (added costs to maintain, risks to safety of children, costs of removal)…and then make an educated decision. Maybe the BEST solution is to call me to sell your home and help you find one without a pool!

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