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Curt’s Auto Repair…Fair, Honest and GREAT!

There are not many things that are as aggravating as car trouble. Right away you see dollar signs flashing through your mind. Once your car is out of warranty…it’s almost like an unwritten rule that SOMETHING will malfunction.

I have lived in the Valley for over 30 years…and have NEVER developed a relationship with a mechanic. They typically mis-diagnose the real problem…or don’t repair the isssue correctly…or have my car for days on end.

NOT SO at Curt’s Auto Repair. This family run business ROCKS. I found them via a local radio show host, Mark Salem. On his site, he has a list of the top repair shops in the Metro Phoenix area. I took a chance and took my car in to Curt’s place for some brake work.

WOW…was I impressed. As was my husband. We got a quote for cost of repairs when we dropped the car off. We got a time estimate letting us know when our car would be ready to pick-up. And…the place was very professional and clean. As clean as an auto repair shop can be.  🙂

Well…they had my car done hours earlier than we were told….and done right. AND…the cost was exactly what they had quoted. SO REFRESHING!

Then…NINE MONTHS later…I noticed a slight shakiness when braking. I took it in to Curt’s. They graciously got me right in and inspected my car. I was told that there was a malfunction with the brakes…and they would take care if it immediately…at NO CHARGE.

Look…I am a girl and know nothing about cars…and do not care to. But I do know something about above and beyond customer service. Maybe this would have been something that most shops would have done…but I can tell you that has not been my experience in the past.

I want to THANK all the people at Curt’s Auto Repair. They have done what every service provider strives to do. They made me a customer for life!

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