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5th Ave. Cafe…I Like It!

I have been living in the Metro Phoenix Area for over 30 years…and there are just some places that do it right. The 5th Ave. Cafe is one of these places.

I had the pleasure of showing homes today to one of my all time favorite clients who happens to live in the historic Willo District in the central Phoenix area.

After looking a few homes he graciously offer to buy lunch…and we headed over to the 5th Ave. Cafe. From the moment you walk into this place you get the feeling of a quality neighborhood hangout.

Located near downtown, the hospital and residential areas…if you work or live in this area chances are good you will run into someone you know. it’s that kind of place.

I had the REALLY good Cobb Salad…and my friend had a Turkey Club (with what looked to be homemade fries).

PS..I did not take a shot of his entire plate as he was eating as I was taking pics.. 🙂 It’s that good…

Oh..and now for the service. As we took our seats (seat yourself…where ever you want)…our server knew him by name. And he knew her. Autumn. Nice name. Nice lady…and great service.

So… if you find yourself in the central Phoenix area and want a good meal….try this place. You will not be sorry. AND…I have it on good authority that the breakfast menu is served all day…and it ROCKS!

Check it out!

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One Response to 5th Ave. Cafe…I Like It!

  1. Lee J. Panek III May 19, 2011 at 1:26 am #

    Dear Adele,

    I’ve known Autumn since she was 19. I praise you for honoring her in your gracious article about the 5th Avenune Cafe’. She deserves every word you wrote about her, and more. She’s a good example of someone who is willing to embrace improvement on a constant basis. I’m sure you noticed that she went out of her way to help make your day a little brighter while you enjoyed the food.

    For the record, you probably would be surprised if you knew her age. If you return to the Cafe’, ask her why she glows with energy. Everyone loves to talk about their successes!

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