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Agents, Please Make Sure I Can Access Your Listings If You Want To Sell Them!!

OK…I get it that not every agent previews for clients…but I really make an effort to do so. And I have to say it is SO FRUSTRATING when I can not get into homes to preview!

Yesterday I had a stack of 11 listings to preview for two clients…in really different price ranges.

Client one is a 90K townhouse buyer. Most everything I wanted to look at was lender owned. Sounds simple right? Well…out of the five I wanted to see I gained access to TWO! A couple of them said to text the listing agent for code…which I did…and never got a return text. So I called. They both called me back…but by the time I received the call I was well out of the area and did not have time to go back and take a look. The other one had no lockbox at all…even though the agent said one was there. When I called her she stated that they have that issue a lot and she was sorry. Her lockboxes get stolen according to her. Do the banks know that they will likely NEVER sell a home that agents can not access?

The second client is looking in the $700-800 price range. This brought up an entirely different set of issues. Out of the six listings I wanted to see i gained access to three. One of the other ones said the seller does not allow previewing (HUH?)…and the other two did not have lockboxes and the seller would have to let me in. WELL…I typically preview in the morning (especially in the summer when it will get to 100 degrees plus in the afternoon)! They were both available after 4PM. I do not understand why the listing agent did not HIGHLY encourage the use of a lockbox. I am not sure that I will end up showing those listings I did not get to preview. Hard to sell a home no one can see!


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