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BEST Owner/Agent Transaction EVER!

I have been selling homes for quite awhile now…and have had transactions that run the gamut. For the most part I am grateful for the other agent in the transaction as they most often do their job….making it so I do not have to do BOTH sides. But recently I had transaction where the sellesr were also the agents and it was one of the smoothest transactions I have ever been a part of.

The owner/agents (actually a couple) purchased the home on the courthouse steps. They did a nice job with getting it all ready to go and we made an offer the first day on the market. It was that nice. My client is an investor and wanted to make sure the cash flow would be there…and it was…so we made the offer.

The good things:

1. We got a response within a matter of hours.

2. The seller responded to our request for repairs by agreeing to do everything we asked.

3. When we did our final walk-thru there were a couple of things that were NOT completed. I called the agent and we spoke about the issues and they called their contractor and had the items corrected immediatly.

4. After close we had an issue with the electrical in the laundry room. Actually a large issue as when they installed the dryer it produced an electrical arc that could have potentially killed someone. It was bad. It was wired backwards….or whatever…and it could have been very serious. I called the listing agent to let them know that the electrician they are using is NOT competent. They responded that they did not do any electrical work in the laundry room…but felt the right thing to do was to pay for the repair. SERIOUSLY? Yep….and they did it. They sent a check off to my client right away.

So…why am I writing this? Because I want Mary Jordan with Homesmart, and her husband, to know I appreciate them. And if you are an agent reading this…look for Mary’s listings. It will be a great experience! Thanks Mary…  🙂

As always… if you are looking for a GREAT agent to help with your real estate needs please e-mail me at or give me a call (or text) at 602-504-3898 or 888-897-7821 x 114. Plus, I have a GREAT search tool on my web site that gives you the ability to search the entire MLS…just like agents do. Very COOL! ;) Go to Metro Phoenix Homes and check it out! YOU can create and save as many searches as you would like…and it is THE SAME SEARCH I DO AS AN AGENT! You will LOVE it!


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