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I Love My Job…And Here Is One Reason WHY!

New folks and new friends!

Those of you who have been following my blogs know I recently changed companies…after 17+ years at my last company. And I have never been happier!

In January I made the switch to eXp Realty. They have an awesome leads program and I have been able to convert several of the leads into actual clients…and a couple of them I converted to friends as well.

I have built my business on repeat clients and their referrals. But since being at eXp I have been fortunate enough to meet many nice people from literally around the world!

My very first referral was a nice young man from Denmark. He was motivated, fun to work with, determined to make the purchase in an expedient manner…and, as a bonus, I got to learn a lot about his country and lifestyle. Very interesting.

Next I helped a couple from the Denver area. They purchased a patio home in Scottsdale and we had a mutual passion of dogs! So, of course, we bonded right away. They are planning to be here on a seasonal basis and we found the perfect spot for them and their family…both the 2 legged ones and the 4 legged ones.

Currently I have been communicating with a very nice man from Texas. He and his wife will be here in June and plan on moving their family to the area this summer. They have young grade school age children so naturally schools are a big concern to them. I visited a couple of schools and gathered information for them to look through and sent it off via snail mail. You would have thought I cured cancer they were so grateful. Can’t wait to meet them in person.

So…I love my job…because of the people!


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