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Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse…The Good and The Bad!

My niece was visiting from Wyoming recently and we all wanted to go out to dinner together. We miss her and she especially misses her two young nephews. We decided to head out to Cave Creek to El Encanto. When we had called earlier we were told there was no need for reservations. As it turns out…a two hour wait when we got there. NOT GOOD with a infant and a toddler….so we decided to give The Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse a try. We are all from Wyoming…so it seemed like a good idea at the time…something somewhat familiar….

Well…the atmosphere was what one would expect….totally western. Mounts on the walls and boots hung from the ceiling.

What I could NOT get past though was that the place was REALLY dirty. I am not a “clean freak”…but dust bunnies were literally hanging from the ceiling everywhere…including over our table. I don’t think the place has ever been cleaned. The sun coming in the open door literally “highlighted” the dust and dirt.

BUT…it was now past dinner time and we were all ready to eat…so we ordered. The menu was interesting…American food on one side and Mexican on the other.

Our experience did not get any better from this point. We ordered from a waitress who was very clearly inexperienced. My niece, who waitressed her way through college, noted that it seems the girl had no training and should just be shadowing someone more experienced.

Well…we were all trying to be patient…but when our food was not served after forty-five minutes…we asked to see the manager. He apologized and said we could have a round of drinks on the house. We did…and then waited another fifteen minutes.

When we did get our food…no one was raving. My husband’s $18 steak was NOT rare as ordered…not even pink. I will say my nephews chicken fingers were good tho…  🙂

The atmosphere was entertaining however. Here are some random pictures of the place.

We were there so long that the band started…so at least there was a little dancing!

All in all…I would say that Cave Creek has MANY great local places to grab a bite…but I do not think I would recommend this place for anything other than maybe a couple beers and some country dancing. And wear you old jeans you don’t mind getting a bit dirty!

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