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GO GREEN Around Your House…And Get The Kids Involved!

My husband works at a school…so he is around kids all day long. Most of these tips came from actual kids who volunteered to give me some “tips” on how to go GREEN.

First…one clever little fifth grader said her Dad is always saying, “Those lights don’t turn themselves off you know”. Second child replied, “They do if you have a timer”! So tip number one…TURN OFF THE LIGHTS when you are leaving the area…or use timers if you are away from home.

The next reply was a really good tip that I think more of us should consider. Composting. The city of Phoenix composters and yard carts (constructed from damaged garbage cans) can be obtained at a city disposal facility for $5. You can get more information on how composting works and what exactly you can add to your compost pile here. We have purchased a number of them for friends and family and have two we use in our backyard. I thought it would have an odor…but it does not. We got really excited when we planted our garden and used “homemade” compost.

Which brings up another way to be GREEN. Plant a tree or a garden. It is so fun to have the kids involved with a garden. They actually get to see the rewards of their efforts when it’s time to pick the flower or eat the vegetable. I helped in my parents garden when i was growing up (although a short growing season in Wyoming)…and I have enjoyed planting and gardening my entire life as an adult. Here in the Valley of the Sun…we can have some sort of garden year round!

Another suggestion is to never leave the water running longer than you have to…and take shorter showers. As one child pointed out, “You really just need time to wash your hair and your privates”! Also, as it turns out, doing dishes in the dishwasher actually uses LESS water than doing them by hand. That is a tip I can get behind for sure!

Of course we ALL need to ALWAYS recycle whenever we can. It just takes an extra minute to rinse out the can or milk jug and put it in the recycle container. I have friends who do not recycle as they say it is a “hassle”. REALLY?? Make it easy for the kids and have a sign posted above the recycle container showing what they CAN put in. Everything else goes into the “regular” trash.

There are literally hundreds of web sites with many great ideas…or just ask kids!

Let’s encourage our kids…and grandkids…to do the GREEN thing!


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