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HootSuite, Widgets and WordPress!

WHAT? It kinda sounds like”Lions, Tigers and Bears”! And in some ways, just about as scary! It brings home the old saying, “If you only knew what you don’t know”.

Yesterday was the long awaited RE BarCamp (#rebcphx) at the Scottsdale Stadium. This is an event that is TOTALLY created and presented by volunteers who are mostly all part of the local real estate community. Most folks have never attended a function like this…as you don’t know what subjects will be shared until after the day has started.

It is a forum where everyone is a collaborator and everyone can be a presenter. The “board” is filled out in the morning with dozens of subjects being suggested. Everyone (and we are talking well over 400 people…I do not know what the final estimated attendance was) simply makes their way to a room they think they would like to participate in…and either shares their knowledge…or learns from the super smart folks in the room. It’s FUN!

I REALLY want to shout out to the dozens of dedicated people who put in HOURS of volunteer time to make this happen. I learned so much…and even shared in a couple of rooms.

There are so many ideas floating around it is hard to absorb it all…so I am happy if I pick up just a couple of things I can put into practice immediately. What did I REALLY appreciate about yesterday? Bill Risser presented on a totally cool, FREE web site called HootSuite ( I have heard about the site but had no idea what a great time saver it was.

Without going into too much detail, you can send tweets, post on Facebook and FourSquare all at one time from one place. You can even schedule tweets and posts to be sent at a later time. I LOVE THAT!

Technology is ever-changing and quickly evolving. It’s nice to be around folks that “get it”. At our company, eXp Realty, we do a “mini” version of BarCamp every week called "X Camp”. I can’t wait to see what this next week will be like as I know everyone attended different BarCamp presentations…so we will ALL be sharing on Monday.

My brain is FULL…and I am grateful.

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