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There are A Lot of Nice People Out There!

My niece is a college student working at a local restaurant to make ends meet. She just told me a story I thought was worth passing along.

One of her tables last night did a really nice thing. They said every time they go out to eat they spend the evening talking about what they can do to make someone’s day. They told her that often they ask the server to pick any three tables and then they pick up the tab. This time they did something a little different.

They told her that she could fill in her own tip…anywhere between one cent and $200. She replied that that was very generous, but made her uncomfortable. She did not know exactly what to do. As a college student, entering law school in the fall, I can imagine she was tempted to take them up on their offer of a $200 tip…but she is just not that kind of person.

She had an order come up and went to take care of another table. When she came back they were apologetic about making her feel uncomfortable…and had completed their tab giving her a $110 tip. She was thrilled as this is a lot of money for her. (for me too by the way…. ;)  )

I asked her what she would have done had they forced the issue and she replied, “Well, I would have put a 20% tip because that is very fair”. This is just another example of what comes around goes around.

She has always been there for all of our family. She is our trusted dog sitter when we are out of town. She watches her 2 year old nephew at least 3 days a week…(which is really not a task but a pleasure as he is so CUTE). She volunteers for various organizations. And she is just an all around great person. I am SO GLAD my brother had kids!

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