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I Have The BEST Client!

This month has been so good! I always love the spring…but since I have moved my real estate license to eXp Realty so many good things have happened. One being I just wrote an offer with one of the BEST clients ever…and he came to me through eXp’s web site.

What’s so good about him? Well…he is REALLY motivated. I just met him last week…and he has already made an offer, which has been accepted…he ordered the inspection…order the appraisal and we have opened escrow!

All this and he is a really nice guy as well. He has a sharp sense of humor and is super smart. He “gets” technology (which I appreciate) and has been easy to communicate with as well.

I have struggled with a few clients in the past…so this nice man is a breath of fresh air! Thanks Lasse!

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