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REALLY!!! How hard is it??

I have to vent…about vents! Well…not really vents, but air intakes (or whatever you call them) in homes.

It’s hard enough to find a home that is a traditional sale in this ever increasingly ODD market (meaning not a bank owned or short sale)…but I found a really cute home for some nice clients and have a challenge with the inspections.

The inspector noted that the AC unit showed a dramatic neglect. When questioning him how often they sellers should be having the unit serviced he took us into the hallway and removed the filter. YUCK!!! This thing had to be YEARS old! He proceeded to tell us that not only was the unit struggling to run…but had significant buildup of YUCK up on the actual unit as well.

I mean REALLY??? How hard is it to buy the filters for a buck or two once a month and change them out. A/C’s are a big ticket item and one that can be a real deal breaker. Especially for the buyers who are putting almost every dime they have into the home purchase as first time buyers. The last thing they want to face is having to replace the A/C unit.

Thankfully, due to the $8000 tax credit these folks will be getting they are inclined to continue with the process and purchase this home. They feel that for the amount of savings a newer unit would provide for them it is worth it to replace this unit. This would NOT be the case if they were not counting on getting this government tax credit. I would have lost that sale and they would have had to start all over with their search. Sure…we would have found something else…but it would have left the sellers with putting their home back on the market and having to disclose the issue.

Anyway…I feel better now. But…PEOPLE….replace your filters monthly please!

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