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Archive | January, 2011

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park…In The Heart of Scottsdale, Arizona

If you are looking for things that are “almost free” to do with the kids…look no further! You can have a great day enjoying Arizona’s lovely weather at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. This huge, unusual park offers more than just swing sets and merry-go-rounds. Take a ride on the Paradise and Pacific Railroad traveling the […]

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The Sugar Bowl…A Scottsdale Arizona ICON!

I was in downtown Scottsdale over the weekend and when I was walking around it really brought me back. When I moved to the Metro Phoenix Area in 1979 Scottsdale was a nice, quiet sleepy little town. Now it is an incrediable mix of dining, shopping and entertainment! Something that has not changed however…is The Sugar Bowl. […]

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Dear Listing Agents: Please Double Check Your Listings For Accuracy

Yesterday I was out showing homes in the Central Corridor…meaning Downtown Metro Phoenix, and three of the six listings I showed had inaccurate information on them. Of these three…ALL of them were very easy to spot the errors. For example…there was a pool and no pool was listed. At another home there was a great room and […]

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Buying a Condo?…Financing Can Be A Challange

There are some REALLY good deals all over the Metro Phoenix Area right now…but before you get too excited about purchasing a condo make sure you understand the potential pitfalls with regard to financing. Of course, securing financing is the most important step in any transaction…but there are additional concerns when the property is a […]

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Home Prices vs. Interest Rates…Should You Buy Now?

Are home prices still falling? Each and every day I get e-mails and hear the local media voice “opinions”. Everything from “Phoenix homes prices will fall another 10%”…to “Metro Phoenix Home prices on the rise”. The truth is I do not think anyone can tell with too much accuracy what is happening for sure. I […]

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