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Archive | June, 2010

Could It BE? Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension To Happen!!??

In a 409-5 vote, House lawmakers have passed a standalone bill that would extend for three months Wednesday’s deadline for closing on a home purchase in order to claim the federal homebuyer tax credit. The Senate is already on record supporting an extension, but other provisions of that bill, the “American Jobs and Closing Tax […]

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B of A Modification Program…Maybe The Start of Something Good?

Ever since this “mortgage meltdown” many of us in the business have been of the mindset that the only TRUE loan modification program that would make a difference MUST include a  PRINCIPAL BALANCE REDUCTION! This has now been proven to be true as a great number of loan modifications that have been granted in the […]

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Agents, Please Make Sure I Can Access Your Listings If You Want To Sell Them!!

OK…I get it that not every agent previews for clients…but I really make an effort to do so. And I have to say it is SO FRUSTRATING when I can not get into homes to preview! Yesterday I had a stack of 11 listings to preview for two clients…in really different price ranges. Client one […]

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